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150th Anniversary Newsletter front page

150th Anniversary Newsletter front page

CALL for photos … SesquiCentennial

Stanley Bridge’s 150th Anniversary

Read the Newsletter … August 2014

To Commemorate the Anniversary, the Stanley Bridge Memorial Society Inc. plans to expand on the wonderful Historic work undertaken by the Stanley Bridge Historical Society. The book, “The History of Stanley Bridge – Hub of the Universe” was prepared over a number of years and printed in 1997.

The plan is to update that tome of knowledge with minor corrections and additions, as well as adding to the content and photos. Towards achieving that goal, the SBMSI is proposing to have high quality copies made of any materials available, and we are asking for your support for historic artifacts, prints, photos, maps, and literature.

…read more : PDF link here – 3.6MByte

The Stanley Bridge Farmers Market – Fresh, Local, Organic

Wednesdays from 9am to 1pm … and now …with Artisans on

Saturdays from 9am to 1pm !

Starting Wednesday, July 02, 2014, we are most pleased to introduce the Stanley Bridge Farmers Market at the Centre. From 9am until 1pm, on Wednesdays throughout the summer, you’ll find the finest fresh food that PEI has to offer. Our inaugural season will help grow the Community Appeal and the knowledge that Stanley Bridgers and visitors alike care about the foods we eat and the environment around us. Join us for Fresh, Local, and Organic products – direct from the farm to you. We welcome enquiries from Farmers, Food Vendors, and local producers !

Stanley Bridge Centre - Farmers Market Vendors

Stanley Bridge Centre – Farmers Market Vendors

Farmers Market Opening Day

Farmers Market Opening Day

Saturday’s Market will feature both fresh and local food, as well as Craftspeople and Artisans :

  • Shipwrights : shipwrightspei.com
  • New London Art Gallery Prints
  • B’Haven Honey
  • Crystal Green Farms
  • White Gables fresh produce

We are seeking new quality vendors !

The Stanley Bridge Centre – A Venue for Culture and Events

In September, 2008,  due to declining membership and financial costs to maintain the building, the Stanley Bridge United Church, in Stanley Bridge, Prince Edward Island, was decommissioned.  The United Church Presbytery of PEI and Maritime Conference decided in 2009 to officially turn the building over to the former members of the church and they in turn applied to be incorporated as the Stanley Bridge Memorial Society Inc. Directors and trustees were appointed to provide the leadership and direction for the building, as they felt that it was important to maintain its rich heritage and legacy.

The Board’s Mission Statement was the historic preservation of the church and heritage of the Stanley Bridge church.  The Stanley Bridge Centre would provide an appropriate setting for events, gatherings, and for the celebration of weddings, anniversaries, baptisms, and vow renewals. In addition, there will be a Cultural/Events Centre and Archival Room that will house historical items and artifacts of significance as well as genealogy records, a computer/internet station and a community meeting place.

This renewal project will require a large financial undertaking as a new basement is needed as well as washrooms, a kitchen, window restoration, a new roof, insulation and accessibility for all. The Board has acquired charitable status and is conducting a capital campaign with the hope that the building will see these improvements in the near future.

This website provides an historical background, a virtual tour of the interior and exterior, a viewing of the plans for the building, a Donation page and many other features.

We ask that you consider a donation to our renewal project as we believe that the building is a landmark in the community and deserves to have it’s legacy continue for years to come.

We trust that you will support this important community effort.

Stanley Bridge Memorial Society

This website is presented as an organic record of the ongoing development of the Stanley Chapel and Cultural/Events Centre. It will be updated regularly to include developments in our planning, historical research and the ongoing process of fundraising and of the restoration, repair and reconstruction of the Cantre. Check back often to keep abreast of what is happening and how your contribution is helping to realize the goals of the Society.



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