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SBC seeking talented performers for spring, summer shows
Are you a performer? Do you shine on the stage in front of a high spirited audience? Then the Stanley Bridge Centre (SBC) wants to hear from you! The SBC, a non-profit organization based in Stanley Bridge, regularly books musical entertainment at the former church on the hill for the spring and summer months. Give us a call. You might get a gig. Contact Murdock Morrison at murcon@eastlink.ca (902-963-2435 or 902-434-0483) or Don Reid at donareid@hotmail.com (902-432-2485).


We’re looking forward to an exciting 2018 at the Stanley Bridge Centre
By Jim Brown
Editor, Stanley Bridge Centre

Congratulations! You’ve made it to 2018.

Now what? That’s the question we’re asking ourselves at the Stanley Bridge Centre, which is the operator of this website, administered by North Granville resident Dale Amundson.

A dog show in Kensington

Everything Dale and I had ever dreamed of for the site has come true, and then some, over the past year. It’s grown and evolved to meet the challenges of the second decade of a new millennium and I believe is poised to do even more remarkable things in 2018.

I’m going to take a moment or so to brag about our accomplishments. With a limited budget we’ve increased the online news feed content to 15, in addition to the CBC. We’ve even got a Chinese language news site that offers streaming video. By the end of the year it’s possible we could double the number of news feeds.

We’ve also added a number of features we’re quite proud of, including news from the Resort Municipality of Cavendish, an Island photographers showcase and Rural Dreams, which offers a glimpse into the lives of people who make their living directly from the land, who happen to live right round’ the corner.

The Stanley Bridge Centre’s fundraising Centennial Quilt, displayed at the farmer’s market all season.

We are reaching out to the Stanley Bridge, New London, Hunter River, Cavendish, North Rustico, Clinton and Kensington geographical area every day through stories and photos – especially photos.

The Christmas craft fair at the New London Community Complex

The website is all about the people who live right next to us, around the corner and down the road. How better to tell their stories than with photos?

Got an event happening? Don’t just expect a story and a grip-and-grin. We won’t be limited to one, two or even half a dozen photos as print newspapers are. And we won’t be resorting to black and white photos – ever.

Believe it or not we’re doing this with a handful of hard-working volunteers – older residents who have enjoyed successful careers and who wish to make a lasting contribution to the communities in which they have raised families or moved to from other parts of Canada or the world.

Of course, the Stanley Bridge Centre website was created to serve a wider purpose than just allowing someone like me to practice journalism again, years after leaving the reporting biz.

Stanley Bridge Centre’s farmer’s market.

We want to promote the work of the Stanley Bridge Centre itself (former United Church at the top of the hill), which has hosted a very successful farmer’s market every summer for the past several years as well as auctions, concerts and history circles.

We are in the midst of an ambitious campaign to raise up to $150,000 to make needed renovations to the building so that we can offer more entertainment, culture and history-themed events and programs to the community.

We can’t lose sight of that ultimate goal.

But I believe over the past year we have broken new ground in a journalism landscape littered with dead and dying newspapers. Only a few days ago La Presse, one of Canada’s largest and oldest newspapers, announced it was ceasing its print edition.

Only a month or so earlier many Islanders were distraught when Canada’s national newspaper, the Globe & Mail, yanked its print edition from newsstands everywhere east of the Quebec border.

Journalism is dead, long live journalism!

Remembrance Day ceremonies in North Rustico.

The Stanley Bridge Centre’s model, a non-profit one, points the way to a brighter future for community-based online sources of news. Unpaid volunteers provide the content, along with low cost news feeds from around the world (to supplement local copy).

New London Community Complex Christmas craft fair

We are growing every day in many different ways, and a big part of our mission is to fill the gaps Island news outlets no longer can, due to staffing cuts and diminished newsgathering resources.

Of course, local news isn’t everything.

The Island’s demographic makeup is changing dramatically. PEI is becoming a diverse, multicultural province and we will endeavor to tap news sources that provide newcomers with a connection to their homelands they can’t find easily anywhere else. We have news feeds from America, China, England, Hong Kong, Scotland, Ireland and much, much more.

North Rustico Canada Day celebrations.

We’ve seen many visitors from those countries at our farmer’s markets and other events.

Our goal for 2018 is to secure needed advertising and sponsorship money to help us complete renovations to the SBC. And if we can do good journalism at the same time, all the better.

We are excited about 2018 and we hope people in our area will climb on the board with us.

Happy New Year!

The Stanley Bridge Centre – A Venue for Culture and Events
In September, 2008,  due to declining membership and financial costs to maintain the building, the Stanley Bridge United Church, in Stanley Bridge, Prince Edward Island, was decommissioned.  The United Church Presbytery of PEI and Maritime Conference decided in 2009 to officially turn the building over to the former members of the church and they in turn applied to be incorporated as the Stanley Bridge Memorial Society Inc. Directors and trustees were appointed to provide the leadership and direction for the building, as they felt that it was important to maintain its rich heritage and legacy.

The Board’s Mission Statement was the historic preservation of the church and heritage of the Stanley Bridge church.  The Stanley Bridge Centre would provide a Cultural/Events Centre and Archival Room that will house historical items and artifacts of significance as well as genealogy records.  The Farmers Market is an undertaking that continues the tradition of this community meeting place.

This renewal project will require a large financial undertaking as a new basement is needed as well as washrooms, a kitchen, window restoration, a new roof, insulation and accessibility for all. The Stanley Bridge Memorial Society Inc, owner of the building, has charitable status and is continuing a campaign to raise funds for building improvements.  This website provides an historical background, a virtual tour of the interior and exterior, a viewing of the plans for the building, a Donation page and many other features.

We ask that you consider a donation to our renewal project as we believe that the building is a landmark in the community and deserves to have it’s legacy continue for years to come.   We trust that you will support this important community effort in Stanley Bridge.

Stanley Bridge Memorial Society

This website will include developments in the planning, historical research and the ongoing process of fundraising and of the restoration, repair and reconstruction of the Stanley Bridge Cantre. Check back often to keep abreast of what is happening and how your contribution is helping to realize the goals of the Society.


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