Trees, power lines toppled in heavy winds

Stanley Bridge was one of several communities hit by power outages on Sunday as fierce winds downed lines all over the province, including Charlottetown and a big swath of western PEI. This large tree was alsodsc_0001 toppled in North Rustico.


The final touches

The new and improved Stanley Bridge roundabout was nearly completed by Friday. New curbs have been added to the circle, preventing motorists from driving through, as many have until now. The bright yellow paint has also been removed. dsc_0014-2


It’s fall and the colors show it

The landscape in the New London, Stanley Bridge area was ablaze with colors.dsc_0005-1dsc_0002 The recent spate of fine, bracing weather gave many motorists just dsc_0022 the excuse they needed to get onto the road and enjoy the beauty of the season.



Why not book a wedding reception at the SBC?

Looking for the ideal location to hold a wedding reception, one that is steeped in history and is surrounded by beauty on every side?

dsc_0001 Why not hold your reception at the Stanley Bridge Centre, the former ‘church on the hill’ in the enchanting village of Stanley Bridge, which still retains many of its century-old flourishes, including impressive stained glass windows featuring stunning religious iconography? The photos below were snapped last June 25. Anyone interested in early bookings should contact Helen MacEwen, president of the Stanley Bridge Centre, at 902-888-7448 or Joan Harding, the SBC’s treasurer, at 902-954-0077.






Netting silversides on the Stanley River

The silverside fishery is in full swing across the Island, including Stanley Bridge, and the Stanley River, where these photos were taken of fishermen bringing in several tubs of the small, highly priced fish, which is used to feed marine animals and increasingly to bait lobster traps. Catches appeared to lower so far this year. The season runs to late November.
dsc_0012 dsc_0024 dsc_0034 dsc_0030


Roundabout curb installation underway

The grand Stanley Bridge roundabout experiment is over. It’s centre yellow ring is getting raised curbs after nearly a year. Many believed it was inevitable after witnesses saw vehicles travelling right through the button on numerous occasions. So on Tuesday, Oct 17 workers and their heavy equipment assembled to build curbs around one of Canada’s most famous roundabouts. The bottom photo on right is the roundabout before the work, which should be finished within a few days. dsc_0022dsc_0023dsc_00018dsc_0015-2dsc_00712


Fall colors on display

dsc_0008This boat, used to haul silversides from nets strewn along the Stanley River, was moored near the bridge at North Granville on Oct 16.

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