Smash rooms and Trump supporters

By Jim Brown

Smash rooms. Also known as anger rooms or rage rooms. You pay anywhere from $20 to several hundred dollars to destroy microwaves, glasses, plates, vases, any number of household items and appliances. Smash them into millions of pieces by swinging a bat or other bludgeoning instrument, maybe releasing a blood-curdling rebel yell while you’re doing it. Your chest heaves with the exertion, sweat pores down your reddening face, soaking your wife-beater shirt. Your neck muscles might bulge grotesquely, your eyes threaten to pop from their sockets. But it feels so good to smash things. Even if it costs a month’s rent.

I’ve come to the conclusion you can define a Trump supporter’s raison de etre in just five words: They like to break things.

That’s it. That’s all they are about. Really, they are not that much different in their motivations from the bandanna clad antifa thugs they are always railing against. Anti fascist protesters get their thrill smashing windows and sometimes heads. Trump supporters get their’s breaking institutions, norms, values, traditions and sometimes heads. That’s why they won’t desert Trump – they see themselves when they look at him. They are reflected in all of his ugly, gross and demeaning qualities. They embrace his racism, his bigotry, his pettiness, his arrogance, his many, many lies. They cleave to him because he shares their addiction to breaking things. It’s an atavistic impulse that doesn’t need or deserve any further explanation.

They break things and he lets them, even encourages them. America is their smash room. And Trump is the crude bludgeoning instrument of their unreasoning rage.



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