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This page shows various advertisement sizes related to text and the overall layout of the page. Although ad sizes are described in pixels, those sizes are maximum sizes and will vary, dependent upon the size of the viewing device screen. A full size display will generally show the ad at maximum size, whereas a smartphone screen, for example would show a 800 pixel wide ad at the width of the smartphone screen, perhaps only 300 pixels wide.

The Banner Ad

Example Banner ad – 800 x 211 pixels

The BANNER ad is the full width of the text area of the page. On a typical full width screen it is 800 pixels wide and can vary from 170 to 250 pixels high. The BANNER ad is frequently placed at the top of a page and is often called a “leaderboard ad” for that reason, but is can be just as effective if placed between articles anywhere on the page. It can go on any page, making it well suited to ads that relate to specific pages on the website such as the News or History page.

The Block Ad

Example Block Ad

Example Block ad – 400 x 229 pixels.

The BLOCK ad is the most flexible of the advertising options offered by Since the BLOCK ad can be up to 400 pixels wide and up to 300 pixels high, you are not restricted in either height or width, except for the maximums in both dimensions. Those maximums ensure the BLOCK ad will always be able to be fitted within text areas without leaving undesirable white spaces that disrupt the design and the flow of information.

It can be placed almost anywhere on any page as well as in the sidebar. It can also be placed in different places on multiple pages. As a result, your ad can target specific groups of consumers by being placed next to relevant stories or features. They can even be accompanied by a paid feature (an infomercial) that explains in some detail what the advertisement is drawing attention to.  Multiple block ads in different sizes and placements can effectively illustrate the many different facets of your business or organization.

The BLOCK ad can be as simple as a quality reproduction of your business card or a professionally designed illustration that shows your assets in the most effective way possible. A carefully considered and well designed advertisement that is changed at intervals can demonstrate the energy of your operation and show it is in touch with the realities of today and ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

The SPOT Ad (seasonal)

The SPOT ad is a seasonal advertisement sold on a monthly basis. These are small ads that can run from one to four months, usually placed within text or between articles if no banner ads have claimed the space. Yearly ads, either BANNER, TOWER or BLOCK, have priority claim to space on any page. A SPOT ad can be ‘bumped’ from a higher profile space, such as that at the top of an article by any one of the three high priority ads listed above. If that happens, the SPOT ad is moved to the next available level of priority space.

Example of a SPOT (seasonal) ad

Example of a SPOT (seasonal) ad – 380 x 130 pixels

The placement of a SPOT ad is always at the discretion of the website administration.

If a fixed and pre-determined location is needed, a Banner, Block or Tower ad is required.

Stanley Bridge Centre website advertising policy summary

Well integrated advertisements ensure that the visitor to the website sees the information presented through your advertisement in a positive light.

Example Block ad – 300 x 300 pixels

For that reason, administration always reserves the right to make the final decision regarding placement of ads on a page. The most desirable locations are sold on a first come first served basis for Banner, Tower and Block ads. The placement of Spot (seasonal) ads are always at the discretion of the website administration.

BANNER ads can only be placed at the top and bottom of pages and between articles, news items, photo spreads, etc. to a maximum of 3 BANNER ads per page.

TOWER ads can be placed in the sidebar of most pages with a limit of 2 per page. Placement will be as near to the top of the page as possible but will not necessarily be the top item(s) in the sidebar.

BLOCK ads will be placed within or beside the text to a maximum of 3 per page. You may select the desired page. A sidebar may also be chosen to a maximum of 1 ad per page sidebar.

Limitations on the quantity of advertisements visible at any time on any page of the website is essential. Too many ads reduce the effectiveness of every ad and consequently the value to you, the advertiser and to the website owners. It has been proven over and over that excessive ads drive away visitors and lower the value of both the advertisements and the website itself.

Contact one of the Stanley Bridge Centre representatives listed below for more information or to reserve your ad space on

  • Jim Brown
    Telephone: 902-886-2363 or 902-856-1870
  • Murdock Morrison
    Telephone: 902-963-2435 or 902-434-0483
  • Don Reid
    Telephone: 902-432-2485

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