At the coffee shop

The Stanley Bridge Centre is proud to break new ground with our “What’s Perking at the Coffee Shop” feature.

Want to know what’s percolating in your community? Why not drop by Robin’s in Kensington, where the conversation flows as freely as the coffee and there’s plenty of news to digest along with donuts, pastries, muffins, breakfast entrees and other tasty fare from the menu.

What’s perking at the coffee shop

Robins in Kensington is the perfect spot to find out what’s percolating in the community and in people’s lives.

Ivan Gallant is back
Story and photo by Jim Brown

He was a councilor on Kensington Council for 18 years, then the Mayor of Kensington for four years, and then he left municipal politics to accept a full time job (a 10 year hiatus). Now he’s back, after winning a seat on council in the recent election which also saw three new members elected.

On Nov 9 returning councilor Ivan Gallant was thinking about some ideas he wanted to bring to his fellow councilors.

“I do have a number of things on my bucket list,” said Mr Gallant, drinking a Robin’s coffee before heading to work.

He said there weren’t many complaints when he knocked on doors during the campaign, but there were plenty of suggestions.

“History is a big thing. A lot of people were saying the history of the town has kind of been left in the dark, as far as displays and so on. There used to be a museum over at the train station for the railway and that’s gone.”

Kensington has “a great little library” but he would like to see a bigger, more extensive library, along with an “interpretive centre or a museum.”

Fixing deteriorating sidewalks and installing new ones in the newer residential areas are also something he would like to see addressed by the new council when it begins its work in December.

Mr Gallant certainly heard about that when he was going door to door.

Many residents are older and enjoy walking for exercise and better sidewalks would certainly be appreciated, he said.
The intersection of Highway 2 and Garden Drive needs prompt attention, also, with the Province’s participation.

“There’s a lot of accidents there and somebody’s going to seriously get hurt if something isn’t done,” said Mr Gallant.
“I think the key for any municipal politician, I don’t care if they’re new or if they’ve been there a while, is to get out and meet the people and see what they have to say.”

There’s a lot to choose from at Robin’s in Kensington.