Update – March 2014

We thought now is a good time to bring all of you up to date on our path to re-purpose our building. While there has not yet been any actual changes to our building, we have been very active in our quest to obtain government funding. Since 2009 we have been raising funds thru various means to cover operating costs. We have appealed to private individuals ,companies and organizations thru the mail for donations towards our Building Fund. We feel very fortunate and are very thankful to all those who responded by way of a donation. This campaign has assisted us in raising a portion of funds necessary to apply for funding thru various provincial and federal government agencies.

Since we began to develop our immediate plans for the building, including relocating it to the southwest corner of our lot and adding a concrete basement as well as water and sewage, other community factions and government agencies have suggested we all join forces in developing an Overall Plan for the Stanley Bridge Area. We are encouraged by this plan as it would include improving the harbour and its present facilities as well as adding a marina for pleasure craft……a walking path thru the village possibly from Douglas Rd to the corner intersection of highway #6….appropriate lighting and crosswalks, etc. It is then our hope to promote the Stanley Bridge Area as a destination for visitors from both near and far. To this end, we have met as an interested group on two occasions, the latest on March 12th at the Sterling Women’s Institute hall. It was at that meeting, under a Community Development Corporation facilitator, that we discussed our many attributes and ideas as well as the early stages of developing an overall plan involving the Public and Private sector. Future meetings will be ongoing as we work towards that plan, which would be worthy of accessing government funding allied with, in our case, funding received thus far from our generous supporters.

We will continue to inform you as we move forward.