The Stanley Bridge Centre (SBC) is proud to announce a new feature for our readers that will allow them to see the world through the lens of talented Island photographers.

St. Clair MacAulay

St. Clair MacAulay is a lifelong resident of Prince Edward Island, and has been interpreting the beauty of the Island through the medium of photography since he was a small child.

St. Clair studied photography at the Holland College in Charlottetown. He was hired by the provincial government to illustrate the official PEI Visitor’s Guide, and his work has been selected by National Geographic magazine for its prestigious “Your Shot” honours. He was also chosen by Canadian Geographic Society for their 2018 calendar and Welcome PEI 2018 Handbook cover page.

St. Clair’s stunningly beautiful artwork features nature, wildlife, landscapes, sunrises and sunsets, and people and places. His vivid colors and striking perspectives often infuse pastoral scenes with a surprising and deep emotional resonance.

St. Clair says: “Photography is the greatest, most interesting adventure, because you never know exactly what you may be able to capture in the moment.”

He summarizes his philosophy as that of Ansel Adams: “You don’t take a photograph; you make it.”

St. Clair MacAulay Photography is based in Miscouche, near Summerside, and St. Clair owns Tides and Treasures Gift Shop located at 24 Harbourview Drive, North Rustico.

Samples of his work can be viewed on the St. Clair MacAulay Photography website, and he can be reached at and 902-432-0027.

The Confederation Bridge

Foggy summer morning on the Cardigan River

Bedeque P.E.I.

Trout River Mirror Image

Souris Lighthouse

Red Head Harbour Morell

Common Yellowthroat Warbler

Jim Brown

Jim Brown is the editor of the Stanley Bridge Centre’s website and a late bloomer when it comes to photography. After more than 25,000 articles, editorials and columns, and many thousands of “truly godawful photos” over his three decades in journalism, something finally clicked and he discovered how to take passable, and then good, images. For most of his journalistic career, working for close to a dozen newspapers across the country, the focus was on people. His editors insisted upon it, often to his frustration. But in the post-journalism chapter of his life landscape photos have become just as compelling. He used to hate snapping photos because they usually didn’t turn out well. But he’s discovered one thing in the years after journalism. Landscapes don’t blink, or move. Mr. Brown also learned to take better people pictures.

The woods in late November, Stanley Bridge


Early evening light shining through trees in Stanley Bridge


Trout River after the rain


Adrift on the Stanley River


Stanley Bridge woods in spring


The leaves are changing, Greenwich Dunes


Dusk descends on the Stanley River

Margaret Sneddon Wood

Margaret Sneddon Wood

Margaret Wood, who lives in Borden-Carleton, caught two “bugs” almost at the same time.

She was a photographer for as long as she can remember, but the hobby became a passion when she caught the travel bug, which took her to exotic destinations around the globe, including beautiful Anguilla. There she captured stunning photos of marine and beach life as well as enchanting photos of the Island’s residents.

Margaret is always looking for interesting angles and perspectives, no matter where she unpacks her suitcase, whether on PEI or in France or on a sun-dappled beach in the Caribbean.


It’s a crab’s life




St Malo photo bomb


Coffee anyone?


Blue Angel




There’s no place like PEI


Mike England

Mike England

Mike England’s photography is an extension of his abiding curiosity and eclectic interests. Everything has a visual story to tell and there is always something to catch the eye.

Carrying a camera has become a lifelong habit for the North Granville resident and being at the right place at the right time often leads to unusual, striking images.

Mike’s photos can make the viewer look twice at things that otherwise might be taken for granted. This is his world transformed by interests and curiosity; a world many readers will want to share with him.


If you’ve got it …


In the clouds (reflection)


Moment in Time and Space


Paris street pals


Lost in thought


Tower Bridge another view


Cirque du koi (1)



Paul Gauthier

Paul Gauthier

Cornwall resident Paul Gauthier, 67, has snapped thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands of photos of Island landscapes and wildlife over the past 25 years. Foxes, birds of prey, fast-flowing streams and rivers, glistening ponds and the Island’s contoured farmlands and wild areas, draped in snow, mist and sunlight – have all been captured by his digital camera and uploaded to his Facebook page and assorted websites across the Island. Here are just a handful of the many wonderful photos he has taken over the years. They include enticing images from this area of Campbell’s Pond near New Glasgow and the Clyde River at Hunter River. For more photos click on his Facebook page at

Hunter River in Winter

Fox at the Bird Feeder

Campbell’s Pond

Northern Flicker


Two Foxes at Play

Pelican at Black’s Pond