PEI’s history, through early Island newspapers
Newspapers have been an essential part of daily life in Canada’s smallest province for longer than many Islanders realize. The Stanley Bridge Centre is introducing a new feature, links to, shedding light on PEI’s colorful history though the pages of newspapers that were hawked at street corners more than a century ago. Anyone who is a history buff or who just wants to learn about what life was like on PEI will find much to enjoy in this feature. Please let us know what you think of this new addition, by emailing us at

Nov 5, 1929

MacAlpine Party Reported Found
Lost in the vastness of the far north for nearly two months, it must have seemed a miracle when eight men from a downed aircraft were finally found. The rescue of members of an aerial exploration company could have been a story ripped from the pages of a dimestore adventure book, but it actually happened.

From the Guardian: “Fort St. James, Hudson Bay Steamer radio’s message that lost flyers are well. Rescue is not confirmed. The MacAlpine party is safe and well. Lost for eight weeks, the missing party was led by Colonel McAlpine, president of Dominion Explorers, a northern aerial exploration company. In all there were eight members and they left Baker Lake, off the west coast of Hudson Bay, on Sept. 8.” Read More

Later Eskimos Find Party
A sidebar story reported the incredible details behind the rescue of the eight men, who were found by aboriginal people described as Eskimos in the newspaper.

From the Guardian: “The rescue of Col McAlpine and his seven companions is the last chapter of an epic of the barrens. A tale of human bravery conquering nature finally in a battle against the frozen Arctic. But while the speedy aircraft loomed over the barrens, Eskimos, pushing their huskies over ice, are believed to have discovered the McAlpine men and conveyed them to safety.” Read More

Potato Shipments Beat All Records
It was a banner headline strung across the very the top of the Guardian, leaving no doubt in the minds of readers what the big story of the day was – historically high shipments of PEI spuds.

From the Guardian: “Over Half Million Bushels Moved By The Potato Assn. Organization Can Handle Million Bushels of Seed This Year If Shipments are Properly Distributed. Tremendous Movements During Past Month Will Net Substantial Revenue To Island Producers.” Read More